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Jul 30, 2014

It's #52! So, whoopee! Speaking of outrageous parties, Ron's reading a book! A book about an outrageous partier, Papa John Phillips. Although “party” may be the wrong word for his hijinks. Bob talks about Twitter, a lot. Actually, he more speaks in Tweets

Jul 22, 2014

Matt attends a traditional Polish wedding & gets rocked on vodka. Brendan experiences a sense of salty disquietude relating to his alone time. A group dating site catches the fellas' attention. M&B must decide whether to enter the realm or be 'not cool'

Jul 16, 2014

On this week's show... Wait! Why bother trying to describe it? It's Bob and Ron! You know what you're getting. A couple of dudes on the pot talking about records, and the weather. Plus they ask the musical question, "Is R2D2 dubstep?"

Jul 15, 2014

You better check yo tint before you wreck yo squint. Sunglass strategy is at the forefront of this week's Matt & Brendan program. Also: Matt considers one-armed Rick Allen(Def Leppard) drumming & Brendan bar hops & body shoots through St. Charles, IL.

Jul 8, 2014

Matt & Brendan, no one should, terrify their neighborhood. M&B just won't be undone, power kissing everyone. There's tension about to pop, all thanks to a dinner drop. So join in the jubilee. The cats are great, they'll all agree.