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Apr 29, 2016

Bob and Ron are back already, and have many new exciting wondrous tales of fun and adventure. …Hold on. What’s that? I’m sorry, they have been sitting around listening to records and getting high. So I guess they talk about that. So join the never-ending show, always in progress. #wordplay Enjoy!* *get high and...

Apr 28, 2016

Matt comes dangerously close to adopting a puppy on this week’s Matt & Brendan. Brendan receives a surprise phone call while covering a celebrity-packed red carpet event. Also: Matt’s visit to the Wicker Park Taco Bell – the one that serves liquor

Apr 22, 2016

Only a week or so after having their hearts torn out by a computer glitch, Bob and Ron are back with a new potcast recorded on their holiday day off of 4/20. Are they heroes? They told me to say, “Yes. Yes they are. Tremendous heroes.” You’re welcome America, Enjoy!​ MYMNBH,BRRC​

Apr 19, 2016

Ah ha, hush that fuss – Everybody move to the back of the bus – Brendan has confusing feelings on a CTA bus while Matt hits up a Chi-town hot spot for spaghetti & red wine. Don’t miss your connection with Matt & Brendan this week!

Apr 12, 2016

Get a full recap of the twins’ birthday bash on this week’s Matt & Brendan. The basement bar at InnJoy was bumpin’ 80s vs 90s hits. Matt went all mime towards the end of the night & broke out the laziest Gangham Style Brendan’s eyes ever witnessed.