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Dec 30, 2014

Matt congratulates Brendan on his late adoption of emoji speak & Instagram. Gift list wishes are fulfilled for the fellas. The presents allow Matt to express his artistic side while Brendan sees an opportunity to deepen connections with a long lost hero.

Dec 23, 2014

What are the six simple rules for dating some random lady at a bar? Find out on this week's Matt & Brendan. Also, Matt tests his endurance as part of a personal quest to help his fellow man. The only question is: Would the nog hold him back?

Dec 17, 2014

This week on their 69th show they… ok settle down Internet! 69, Hahaha, we get it. Now have some class, Ron went to a museum! That's right. To the Bowie exhibit. So suck on that! …What?! Plus other stuff on this, episode 69 …Stop it. Enjoy!

Dec 16, 2014

Matt & Brendan dip out in order to learn the highs and lows of getting hooked on Molly. Jingling Santa's jolly balls is the most priceless Christmas moment in recent memory. Dick Butkus' sitcom career teaches an important lesson about drinking.

Dec 10, 2014

In the spirit of 1968 this, the 68th episode, is turbulent. From protest talk and swearing at cops, to a young girl's first record player and her cute questions. Plus they talk about some records. They're all over the place, see if you can keep up. Enjoy!