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Mar 29, 2016

Score one for the little guy as Matt & Brendan post victories against big businesses like Apple, Comcast & Jimmy John’s. The Jonas Brothers spring up in surprising, yet separate, new places. A Korean specialty may keep M&B thinking of one another

Mar 22, 2016

Matt & Brendan examine all the sad & mysterious internet happenings and experience feelings of empathy plus fear. A pal tricks Matt into watching a scary movie. Brendan sees an SNL character twin at a bar.

Mar 18, 2016

This week Bob and Ron talk about everything from politics to records. Actually they just talk about politics and records. Thankfully the politics only lasts a few minutes then they play a lot of music. Including a couple of ripping guitar solos from Three Dog Night. …What?! Yep. Get your pen and paper out and […]

Mar 15, 2016

Matt and Brendan dabble in whiskey & politics, strawberry & blueberry, plastic & cardboard, brownouts & blackouts and doodles & whatchamacallits. Ride along with M&B and make podcasting great again.

Mar 8, 2016

Matt & Brendan accept delivery on a fully serviced show. Sometimes it’s worth spending on convenience. 2 major MMA upsets rock the sports world as, even in defeat, Holly Holm earns Matt’s esteem. Matt’s neighbors try to get rid of weird ass junk.