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May 30, 2018

So much to discuss on this episode of M&B.  Matty D explains his Fortnite addiction to Brendo.  Pusha T accused Drake of having a secret porn baby.  Matt prepares his house for the arrival of a new Golden Retriever puppy and orders the wrong ice cream

May 14, 2018

Bob and Ron are back! They’re talking big name artists like Curtis Mayfield and Humble Pie, and even bigger ideas, like the Pizza Buffet and Headphones. They also discuss Arthur Treacher, The Shaggs, Kolchak, and the disappearance of cinnamon coffee cakes, all while making poignant political jokes. Plus superfan Dino...

May 4, 2018

Find out who had a falling out with Fall Out Boy on today's M&B. Matt touched an immortal butt and has a golden future. Barefoot Brendan gets his kicks via Karate Kid nostalgia. Also, Brendo ensnares Matty in a reunion fiasco.