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Jan 19, 2019

Matt & Brendan know the weekend starts on Thursday night. A mesmerizing alum of The Voice captures most of Brendan's attention at Bub City. A night on the town turns out to be more than he can stomach, however. Matt rediscovers the coatless downtown Naperville scene and endures an awkward moment with a delivery guy.

Jan 9, 2019

Matt & Brendan are both making the most of a new year of found free time, at least according to their to-do lists.  Matty sampled salmon and liked it.  Next up: A Pinterest account.  Brendo experienced wonderment at the Winter Classic, thanks to a condiment borrowed and something Weezer played from The Blue...

Jan 9, 2019

It may be a new year but it’s the same old Bob & Ron. They’re still putting out top quality podcasts. On this episode they talk about variety shows, vocalese, and delve deep into the word “qualm”. They also cover The Bird Box Challenge, which was stolen from their podcast. Or so they claim. Plus they take yet...